Hell's Kitchen, Nine idiots compete: When Lightening Strikes

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When you DVR shows you can miss some things. For instance, until now I was not aware that FOX ran a "parental discretion advised" warning before Hell's Kitchen. Like most TV shows that employ this, it's really just a way to juice up the forced excitement and prurience. The same goes for that greased lightning sound effect the show uses, like a Penderecki thunderbolt to underscore tension.

I find myself using it in my head throughout the day. Someone cuts in front of me in line? Speeooorrr. I'm out of half and half? Speeooorrr.

Since everything on this show is supposedly to the extreme (in the Doritos way), I got a kick out of the exchange between Gordon and Joy over her fried chicken. Ramsay thought that removing the bone from the breast would make the whole dish "sexier," and she had never heard that word used in that manner. "This a the sexiest restaurant I've ever worked in!" she quipped.

This week it was battle of the menus, where each team creates a meal plan and then they see which side gets more orders. It's actually my favorite segment, second only to the one where he blindfolds them and makes them taste things to guess what they are. The Red Team burns triumphant by not burning as much as the Blue Team.

In the end, the Campbells Soup Kid Grown Up, good ol' Richard Mancini, gets the boot over Gabriel. Again, I have no idea why Ramsay choose Dick when when Gabe is just an amoeba with an apron on. We are getting down to the nitty gritty though, and it's looking like a woman will probably win. Unless someone throws a curveball. Speeooorrr.

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