HBO's Looking, Episode 7: Hello, Marin

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With so few episodes initially ordered for this series, the creator have had to jam-pack as much as possible in each one, yet somehow, it still seems to have a slow pace. How does that work? It's probably the artsy sepia and green screen that the filmmakers use. It casts a certain mossynes (if you will allow me to invent a word). The slow creep of life.

This week Richie and Paddy had yet another argument. This one was in a car on the way to a wedding. They were on the Golden Gate, and at first it looked to me like they were heading in the wrong direction on the bridge, over to Marin. It would make sense for a show to have its characters driving on the Golden Gate just for shits and giggles, perhaps headed to Fisherman's Wharf. So many times when people portray our area and they show someone traveling on a main thoroughfare they are always headed in the absolute wrong direction. Tom Wolfe's book that took place in the Bay Area had the protagonist (to paraphrase): "driving north on hwy 80, the ocean to her right." Do they think we don't notice this stuff?

Over the Golden Gate to emerge in Bay View!

Ah, but they were indeed headed to Marin, and if I'm not mistaken I believe the wedding was shot in Tiburon. Paddy is still marred in some class angst about the fact that his boyfriend is a hair cutter who has zero ambition. He channels this discomfort into another fight and Richie bails at the other side of the bridge, leaving him to go to the wedding of his sister alone.

Meanwhile, Scott Bakula (his character's name is Lynn, but I just like saying "Scott Bakula") has had just about enough with Dom, who is frantically trying to put together his pop-up restaurant in the Mission. Augustin admits to his boyfriend that he paid a hooker to have sex with him so he could film it, and they split up.

We don't really care about any of this. Scratch that, I don't really care. It's possible that the hoards of men at The Midnight Sun who cram in to watch the show every Sunday night are totally digging it. Maybe I will go there next week and report back? Everything's better with a margarita and a drag queen.

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