Your Chance to Be On Wheel of Fortune: Win Prizes and Meet Vanna White

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I'd like to solve the puzzle

Maybe you haven't watched an episode since 1995, but you still know how it goes -- spin the wheel, guess the letters, win money and prizes, watch Vanna clap for you. Repeat.

So if you've always wondered "How do you get on that show?" then this is for you.

The Wheelmobile is coming to Northern California to pick the next round of contestants, according to ABC News. And getting a spot at the wheel isn't as easy as you may believe.

Tryouts will begin at noon on March 8-9 in Rohnert Park (Graton Casino, 288 Golf Course Drive W). Everyone will be required to fill out an application, but no word on what information the application requires. We say, just make sure you spell everything right.

Then all the applications will go into a golden drum that they'll spin before pulling out five contestants at a time to go up on stage and solve word puzzles; the big ticket items of this game are t-shrts. Woo. Sadly, they don't have time for everyone to get up on stage. Boo. After the event is over the casting crew will pick from those they saw on stage to be part of an episode. So be quick to solve the puzzles and be spunky.

In the meantime, work on those word puzzles, and practice saying "Big money Big money!" Good luck!

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Steve Tidd
Steve Tidd

That show sucks ass. What happened to trying to guess one word?? They gotta have six fucking words up there?? And Vanna White is 90 years old. Let Carmen Electra turn the letters in a bikini and maybe I'll start watching it again.

aliasetc topcommenter

The shows are all scripted and probably fixed. payola at its best

Kevin Kirby
Kevin Kirby

When I was in L. A. one time about thirty years ago, I filled out one of the game show applications and they really do try to weed out the weak. Anybody without a history degree, or the equivalent, at their fingertips, gets quickly screened out.

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