Tired of Tinder? How To Find The Perfect Hook-Up Site For You

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For many of us, whether we find a cute hookup for the upcoming weekend is the difference between finding a cutie on Tinder and... not finding a cutie on Tinder.

People to whom this sounds all too familiar will be surprised to learn that there are a variety of different dating sites for even the pickiest of people. Did you know there's a skiiingsingles.com, for skiing aficionados who want to find someone who shares their love of winter sports? What about uniformdating.com, for people who want to to date a police officer or a firefighter?

Leading relationship expert and author of Sexual Euphoria, George Moufarrej, told us all about how to find the perfect dating site.

Moufarrej wrote his book in 2012, and only then began to dish out dating-site selection advice.

"When the media started asking me those questions [about site selection], I researched it and I found out there are certain sites that catered to people that are interested in certain stuff," Moufarrej said. "For every hobby you could possibly have, there's a dating site."

However, he also cautions against using random sites you haven't heard of before.

"Usually the dating sites that are well-known are better than the lesser-known ones, because there's a larger pool of potential dates, and there's also a larger percentage of profiles that are actually active," Moufarrej says. "If you go to a dating site that's unknown, you'd be wasting 50 percent of your time on profiles that aren't active."

He also has a warning for people who are using free dating sites in an attempt to actually begin a long-term relationship; they're best for, um, short-term friendship.

"Usually if a person goes to free sites, they will be successful in getting a date, but there's a larger percentage of people on there that are not very serious," he explained, "whereas on paid dating sites, usually 80 percent of the people one might find are serious."

If you're interested in checking out Sexual Euphoria, it can be found on Amazon. In the meantime, check out warriordating.com, the "world's premier dating network for martial artists." Because even if you're not super into tai chi or tai kwon do, you gotta admit the name is pretty bad ass.

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