Press Release of the Day: Are Selfies Causing Head Lice Infestations?

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Lice party! #itchy

It seems every news outlet received the same press release this morning: Are 'Selfies' causing head lice infestations?


Upon reading the email, it does in fact appear that selfies can lead to lice -- if you're squishing in with a bunch of buddies for a Instagram photo.

According to the press release, Marcy McQuillan, owner of Nitless Noggins (a lice treatment company), says she's seen an increase of teens with lice due to everyone knocking noggins together and making duck lips for the iPhone.

"Lice don't jump or fly, so you actually have to touch heads. Every teen I've treated, I ask about selfies, and they admit that they are taking them every day," says McQuillian.

But if you get lice, don't feel ashamed.

"Lice isn't anything to be ashamed about, but it's never fun. If you're a parent of any junior-high- or high-school-aged children, please explain to them the risk. It's real," says McQuillian.

Guys, the risk is real.

McGuillian goes as far as to suggest that people not take group selfies and pull long hair back into a ponytail. So, you could do that. But really, maybe you should stop taking so many selfies. Period.

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Corey Day
Corey Day

Instead of selfies. Hire Terilyn to take your photos.

Kristin Griffis
Kristin Griffis

A selfie, you're ok. But *Selvies - watch out.... Lol! ;)

Robert Scalzi
Robert Scalzi

hanging out with friends that have poor hygiene and don't wash their fucking hair is the cause not stupid selfies -

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