Looking, Episode 3: Risky Behaviors

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This show is so gay. I mean, this week our hero was surrounded by seamen as he went to some sort of game-company party.

Here's my favorite line from this week:

"I had a bad fucking day," says Agustin -- in an Angry Samoans t-shirt, no less. He was just fired by Ann Magnuson and her scaffolding of chairs, so of course he is bummed.

"Oh good, me too," replies Patty. In a second, we all get it -- it's what makes roommates matter, even though this was spoken betwixt people who don't actually live together; the two collapse onto the couch as though they both live there.

This week covered the gamut of bathhouses and male prostitution. Dom is the character that takes sexual risks. He's also, apparently, going to open up his own restaurant in San Francisco, a gigantic fucking risk if I ever saw one.

So what's going on with this show? It slow-paced, but drawing me in. We feel like we are watching real people living real lives, still I can't help but wonder if it has appeal for straight people. Though the show has tried to be "post-gay," it still seems to rely a lot on the character's sexuality for plot. Gimme more.

It's still showing San Francisco in a new light, but tiny mistakes are happening, like Scott Bakula's "floral shop on Castro," when we all know the good one is on 18th Street. Bakula is the go-to guy for ancillary gay characters in HBO joints though. Kudos for that.

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