San Francisco Ranks Third Best City in America to be an Artist

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Artists are a dime a dozen in the United States and popular thought would have us believe that most of them, no matter how gifted and innovative, would be hard-pressed to even earn half that amount throughout the trajectory of their careers.

Wrong. Well, kind of: The folks at social networking site have compiled a list of the 10 best cities in America to be an artist and rank San Francisco third, behind Atlanta and Seattle, respectively. As it turns out, it does somewhat pay to be creative in this city.

While S.F. earned high marks for most of the study's criteria, such as the number of museums and galleries in the city, a potential clientele of households with incomes greater than $200,000, and people who actually work in the arts industry -- it lost a few points for the high cost of living.

But what's the point of being an artist if you can't at some point squeeze into a tight space and cohabit with your other bohemian cohorts? The early Greek philosophers did it. The Beats did it. The current cast of The Real World: San Francisco is doing it. So much brilliance under the same roof (in most cases).

Alright, perhaps living in cramped quarters with your creative posse doesn't sound ideal, but at least there's hope in knowing that you're in a city where art sells. Gives meaning new meaning to term sell-out, doesn't it?

Check out the full list here.

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Jim Yu
Jim Yu

Ah another part of the sf population you can use to fill the fillmore fill project.

Kegham Keremian
Kegham Keremian

Don't worry about rent you are part of out household no rent for you

Steve Tidd
Steve Tidd

And worst city in America to drive or park your car in.

Time Clock
Time Clock

So then it's not a great place to be an artist anymore...

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