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The Fight Life

We can barely watch any MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting -- sneaking peeks between the gaps of our fingers splayed across our faces -- as we feel the punches reverberating through the room. Often left bloodied after a match, we wonder why -- why does anyone willingly go into the ring time-and-time again?

Fight Life, a documentary from James Z. Feng, explores the passion MMA fighters share for this combat sport, from the small competitions to national championships.

As punches are throw on screen, one fighter declares, "it's tough, but that's a fighter's life." But it seems he's not just referring to the physical toll of the opponent's punches, but the rigorous training, the pay, and the doctors' bills.

If you want to see the life of an MMA fighter, all the guts and glory, the film's DVD debut is tomorrow at Sugar Cafe (679 Sutter) at 7 p.m., free; some Bay Area MMA fighters will also be in attendance.

Check out the trailer here:

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Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

Well, if the rapidly deteriorating mental health of many boxers (and even football players) after retirement is any indicator, then MMA fighters are going to suffer just as much (if not more).

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