Shia LaBeouf Apologizes to Oakland's Daniel Clowes, Again, But Bigger

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We can't even say this is an original idea, the Wicked Witch of the West was skywriting long before Shia LaBeouf was even born.

In the latest plagiarism-apology-plagiarism-apology incident of LaBeouf stealing Daniel Clowes work for his film, he's taken to the sky above L.A. to have a plane puff out the letters of an apology to the writer.

Nothing reads more sincere than a disappearing apology written out in the sky for people to capture via Instagram and Twitter. Here's the thing, was Clowes even in L.A. yesterday? Maybe he should have hired a skywriter to fly over his home in the Bay Area. At least Clowes would have had a fleeting chance to see the apology before it, along with any hope of LaBeouf being sincere, disappeared.

Curious to see what the same message sky typed (that's the dots rather than one long stream of lettering) would cost to appear over the skies of the Bay Area, quoted us at $8500. They noted this is much more than the price of getting a message sky typed over the skies of L.A. on New Year's Day, due to the fact it's seen as an add on -- meaning the planes were already out doing other items for the Rose Bowl.

Oh LaBeouf, maybe for your third apology you can just send him a card? Stamps are .46 cents, quite a deal, and cards carry a lot more sentiment.

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Nicole Barber
Nicole Barber

Does any one know wtf was in the sky last night around 9? Rose from the horizon to the west. Don't see anything about it online.

Gypsy Nitrus
Gypsy Nitrus

what a lame commentary. do they think they're cool for responding to a story like they do? 30 years I've read the Weekly and never did I think they should go out of business until now.

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