San Francisco Sea Serpent: Our Own Nessie, Go Find Her

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There she is!

Forget Bigfoot, Yeti, and Nessie, San Francisco has its own mysterious creature.

The San Francisco sea serpent, according to Mysterious Destinations Magazine, has been swimming through the bay since at least the 1800s and has been spotted lurking in the waters near Marina Green.

In artist renderings of our sea serpent, who definitely needs a name -- and possibly a Twitter account -- she (he?) looks like an elongated eel with dorsal and pectoral fins. From a distance, one could say she resembles waves rolling in to the bay.

While we're not convinced of her existence, we will admit it does appear something is going on in the water in this video at the 1:58 mark.

One of the other famous sightings of her happened on February 5, 1985, where, according to Mysterious Destinations, the Clark brothers were watching some sea lions out in the bay, when suddenly they scattered, and she appeared!

"When it got within a few yards of the group of sea lions it suddenly raised its head and a portion of its body approximately 10 feet straight up out of the water and then it lunged forward into the group of sea lions."

You can watch the entire interview of this encounter at the end of this post, and read about other sightings on their site.

Our sea serpent is the main feature of their magazine this month, and to coincide with this, they're encouraging S.F. residents to grab a pair of binoculars and head to the bay to try and catch a glimpse of her. They say now is the best time of year for spotting her, as the warmer bay waters lure her in from the wintery ocean. We'd love to see an Instagram picture of her (or what wave ripples you think are her). Let's start a hashtag, #SFNessie. Now, go look for her.

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San Francisco's Nessie could be the biggest tourist trap since Emperor Norton.  But I'm wondering how soon it is before it takes on political overtones.  I can just envision a future fight as to who wants to first designate it as a Republican or a Democrat, based upon perceptions of whether it's a snake or a shark... or whether a party wants to own it for the same set of perceptions.

Roxanne Tomco
Roxanne Tomco

Yes, I've seen Nessie. She drags her ass into the EndUp around 4-6am every Sunday ….

Lala Bean
Lala Bean

Yeah and he hangs out at death guild

sfhrod topcommenter

This can actually be a plausible thing, especially when you consider that SF Bay opens up into the Pacific so it may have a larger feeding ground. Put that in contrast with Nessie in Scotland where that animal is said to be in a large lake, not an ocean.

Cr Tez
Cr Tez

I've got an underwear serpent in my house! ;)

Cary Tracy Pugh
Cary Tracy Pugh

Too bad that people who see these mysterious creatures never seem to have a decent camera with them LOL


Loch Ness has channels that go into the sea/ocean. I believe there to be underground passages as Scotland is actually split in two by the "canal" running diagonally across it.

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