A Bird's-Eye View of San Francisco: Ghirardelli Square


The cityscape of San Francisco reaches towards the sky: buildings, hills, bridges -- each towering above us. But Thiti Tanprapan's bird's-eye view videos provide another way to look at our surrounds.

In his latest video, Tanprapan's DJ1 Phantom 2 drone doesn't soar over the highest of buildings, but as pilot of the remote-controlled flying camera, he sails the device above Ghirardelli Square, and even dares to hang it to peek over the waterfront.

It's pretty cool, to say the least. Check it out for yourself.

Need more? Check out Morph Life on YouTube for more of Tanprapan's aerial footage of San Francisco.

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Doogle McDiggle
Doogle McDiggle

It's to desensitize people to the government doing the same thing.

Edna VanPyrite
Edna VanPyrite

Why do people get all excited about this sort of thing? They did this here in Australia too and everyone was all 'yay! drones!' wtf folks.

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