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Happy Friday! Have a look at what we're reading, viewing, and gawking at on the internet.

If you're a San Francisco male over 24-year-old, holding a burrito in one hand, a PBR in the other, and biking down Market Street right now while wearing worn out Vans and reading this on the iPad that your Mom bought you for Christmas, then this Craigslist ad is for you. (All Shook Down)

Also, check out the parody posts that have popped up:

Not necessarily needed: Coachella Girlfriend(s) for weekend 1 (Craigslist)

Food, drinks, camping all on us.

Looking for 2 females interested in spending part of their Coachella experience with 2 fun-loving guys. Interested parties should be ready to embark on the adventure as Coachella partners-in-crime and stand-in Coachella Girlfriends. Said guys have gone to Coachella several times and will be going again with a larger group of friends so applicants should play nice with others.

General personality and character should be represented by approximately 30% chick (don't lie, there is a little of it in all of you - just admit it to yourself and save us the time), 7.5% hipster/indie, 12.5% raver and 50% normal.

Coachella Girlfriends should be interested (but not limited to) seeing some of the following acts: Outkast, Muse, Kid Cudi, Calvin Harris, Alesso, Lorde, Duck Sauce, etc.

Needed: 2 Coachella Girlfriends for weekend 2 (haight ashbury) (Craigslist)

General personality and character should be represented by approximately 50% dope chick, 10% hipster/indie, 10% raver, 10% hip-hop, 20% of the time attempting to pay for sh*t, 100% of the time not causing any drama.

Coachella Girlfriends should be able to handle pool party, after-partying, going to the festival early or showing up late (flexibility is key). Coachella GF's must be healthy, well kept, physically active, look good in a bathing suit and shorts (preferably not high-waisted). No coke heads. If you pop molly, know where you got it from and don't overdue it. If you end up looking like an Owl possessed by Al Pacino or a T-rex, that is a breach in the Coachella relationship.

Coachella GFs must be into seeing some of the following acts: Outkast (and know good amount of the lyrics), Bastille, Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Nas, Poolside, Chromeo, Kid Cudi, Calvin Harris, Lorde, Duck Sauce, Pharrell, etc. Yes, we can go to Lana Del Ray, too.

Absolutely no applicants with an affinity for camping.

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