Lightsaber Training: It's Very Real and You Can Learn Jedi Moves

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Where it all began

You've totally picked up a broom or a yardstick and waved it around like it was a lightsaber. Don't lie. Maybe it was over a decade ago, but you did it.

But now -- you can wave it around like a pro. We're surprised we didn't learn about this sooner, but since 2011, The Golden Gate Knights have been teaching San Francisco Jedis-in-training the art of how to wield a lightsaber. Classes are every Sunday, from noon-3 p.m. for $10. Don't have a lightsaber? Don't worry, they have one for you to borrow.

You might wonder what goes into lightsaber training -- beyond making sure you don't poke your opponent's eye out -- and it turns out there's quite a bit of strength and finesse needed to swing the saber around properly. Students are taught NCSCS (Novastar and Caine's Saber Combat System), which is where a person learns basic movements and how to put them into a sequence; they also learn how to disarm an opponent, and some pretty bad-ass saber spins.

Forget yoga, this is our new weekend workout.

The lightsaber training location is at Studio Gracia (19 Heron); to learn more classes, visit The Golden Gate Knights site.

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