KitTea Cafe is Coming to San Francisco and Boasts an Oasis for Humans and Cats Alike

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Elya Vatel

Within the last week alone, we've seen some exciting stuff here at SF Weekly: John Dwyer's record label (Castle Face) released synth-punk Pow!'s first album; we learned Jedi's are alive and thriving in the city (but we already knew that, right?); and after nearly three months of waiting, the Mavericks Surf Competition started today.

But there is one mind-blowing new installment to the City by the Bay that is on the way -- and everyone should be ecstatic about. That, my friends, would be, KitTea cafe. Yes, KitTea, as in mouse hunters, sun-spot worshippers, midnight runners, don't-touch-me-unless-I-give you-the-okay -- cats.

SFist reported, KitTea, a tea cafe that is part "'gourmet teahouse' and part 'cat human oasis,'" is the brainchild of cat enthusiasts Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky. The two declare a mission of providing a zen retreat for both cats and humans through their teahouse, and to offer a home to stray cats.

For Hatt, eureka struck at a time when, according to the KitTea site, she felt caught up in the hustle and bustle of the tech and startup world, and in her off time, was emerged in the stressful energy of modern cafes. But after coming across an article of a cat cafe in Japan that had the epitome of refuge and relaxation, where the lobby resembled a living room and cats roamed freely, she took the idea and made into something of her own. Braginsky shared Hatt's sentiments and the two teamed up to introduce this project to the most deserving city on this side of the U.S.: San Francisco.

The idea is for patrons to enjoy healthy blends of ecologically sourced tea in the company of cats. Each resident cat will be selected based on personality, and will be introduced to the cafe living situation slowly, so that the little felines don't get stressed out. KitTea will also be staffed with a feline vet as well as a feline behaviorist to ensure healthy kitties -- and healthy patrons. They stress that this is a labor of love and the well-being of the cats come first. Their proceeds go first to the cats, and the two feline enthusiasts will be working to find each cat a permanent, loving home.

Currently Hatt and Braginsky are on the hunt for a location, but they plan to acquire a space in the city with a minimum of 1,600-square feet so that around 30 patrons and 10 cats can rest and enjoy tea comfortably. Keep your eyes open, and follow their Facebook page to get updates on news of their location and grand opening. They hope to open their doors by the end of this Spring.

Alright 2014, looks like you're already kicking some ass.

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Rose Cahill
Rose Cahill

Arrrgghh.... might really have to unfriend sf weekly. Pity.


Settle down folks, it shouldn't be dirty if they take good care. If you read their website it's mostly drinks preparation. Snacks might be a possibility. Preparation and the cats will be separated. I've been to a cat cafe in South Korea, and it was very clean with no smell. The litterbox was in a closet-like room and the cats would access it via a kitty door. The owner would constantly be sweeping and wiping tables down and kept the kitties groomed. Excited we're getting a kitty cafe and it's great they're up for adoption!

Debbie Joshi
Debbie Joshi

Vishal Joshi OMG how many more hints do you want for us to move there lol!!!!

Ronnie D
Ronnie D

Nasty. Cat's stepping in litter boxes then walking all over the seats and tables, not to mention the cat hair. I guess if you have cat's your not too worried about it.

PJ Lugo
PJ Lugo

Thats gross, animals around food? CAT HAIR!

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