Give It 100: What Can You Get Better At in 100 Days?

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Give It 100

A video popped up on our Facebook about a Berkeley woman who was dedicating herself to 100 days of fitness and loving herself. During the clip she shares snippets of her progress -- at the gym, standing in front of the Bay Bridge with a smile on her face -- and tells others to give their goal a 100 days too.

Why a 100? Some research points to the fact it takes 90 days of doing something to make it a habit. So a 100 days means you're in the clear. 2400 hours. 144,000 minutes. That's all.

We get that when the (little over) three months are filled with 6 a.m. jogs through your cold, sleepy neighborhood, it can look like forever, but looking back -- it seems like October was just yesterday.

The Verge reports the project site was conceived by Karen X. Cheng, after a video of her learning to dance over the course of a year went viral.

On the Give It 100 site, there's countless videos of people in the midst of their 100 days of learning to unicycle, play the ukulele, get fit, be creative, skateboard, and more. The hashtag #Giveit100 on Instagram and Twitter bring up even more people in the throngs of their 100 days. Even if you're not inspired to finally learn how to juggle, the video progress of those on the site is great to watch.

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