Color Me Bad: Holiday Coloring Book Made for Adults That You can Appreciate All Year


Ever envy kids? Sure you have. Just look at them in relation to Christmas. They're high off sugar, drunk off eggnog, and absolutely giddy with the delusional belief that Santa Claus brought all those expensive gifts... overnight... through the chimney.

We don't even have a chimney!

Now look at them in relation to their coloring books. They're again high off sugar, drunk off some brightly colored beverage, and still absolutely delusional if they actually believe for one second that Dorothy's slippers are any other color but red.

And yet you can't turn away because they're carefree with no technique, no scruples, all nonsense and dammit -- where's our coloring book? You see, we know something the kids don't: irreverence.

That's right. We have a lot to say as adults and polite superficial chit chat just doesn't cut it anymore. Political correctness be damned. Give us Crayola!

Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen's Coloring for Grown-Ups Holiday Fun Book is the ultimate gift for nice adults with a naughty and unapologetic sense of humor.

Quick! Who will never be president? The latino, the woman, the Muslim, the homosexual or the bald guy?

Offended? Then turn away and go play with the Etch-A-Sketch. This isn't for you.

If delighted, then turn to page 13 and start coloring in which minority group you think will never be top dog in the White House.

page 13

It's all in good fun, right? Perhaps it's time adults took back ownership of their refrigerators' art. Your kids didn't buy that Kenmore. You did!

No more drawings of silly stick people. Instead map out your New Year's walk-of-shame (page 3), draw genitals on the snowman (or woman -- depending on your preference, page 48) and create next season's ugly Christmas sweater (page 47).

Your niece's three-legged unicorn drawing can go next to her uncle's slutty Halloween costume design (page 34).

page 34

page 28

page 21

page 8

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sfhrod topcommenter

Love page 13 because it's sooo true! Hahaha!

Federale topcommenter

But the brave liberal artist did not bring himself to present any cartoons of Mohammed.  One wonders why?  Afraid of the Religion of Peace?  Are there some religions beyond attack and insult?  Most likely both.

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