Bike Parkour Conquers San Francisco Streets (Video)

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Holy shit!

There are lots of cyclists on San Francisco streets, but this time they're not the helmeted business commuters or the bobbing-and-weaving messengers -- nor are they tattooed and bearded fixie hipsters. No, these are bike parkour daredevils who've declared they've conquered San Francisco.

An installment of the #OneTankAdventure video series, director Devin Super Tramp and several of these bike parkour riders recently made a stop in San Francisco to see what challenges our streets could provide. Extreme riders took to 16-inch BMX bikes and seatless mountain bikes to defy gravity with strength, flexibility, and balance in a way that makes anxiety fun.

Check out the video of their rides through San Francisco:

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Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez

The guy in the yellow shirt is doing flatland, while the other guys are pretty much just doing trials riding in the streets. Its not bike parkour


You are technically correct and as they say, that's the best kind.

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