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What do San Francisco neighborhoods really say?

Urbane, a social mapping start-up, has recently debuted their San Francisco map, which breaks down areas -- not by their neighborhood names, but -- by what they've observed happening there.

For mapping cities that neither of the two, Bay Area founders have spent a significant time in, co-founder Trevor Felch says "we use a combination of old-fashioned research of media, real estate, and various journal sources, along with interviews of people who we know, people we don't know but have contacted us to help, and 'experts' I personally reach out to for help (usually newspaper writers or college professors)."

In the Marina they notice the social theme of "Bro let's head over to the Tipsy Pig and have that super awesome burger then hit on some chicks." While over in the Mission they observe "Dolores Park is the world capital of hip, care to wait in line for other hip things?"

Check out the map (larger image is on the Urbane site) and see if you agree with what they notice about the neighborhood you call home:

We think our fog goes by Karl, not Carl, maybe he has German roots?

Also, if you've spent a substantial amount of time in another major U.S. city, check out the other nine maps they've completed.

Update: Urbane let us know they'll update their map to reflect the proper spelling of our fog's name, Karl.

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rob035 topcommenter

Too bad the text is too small to read here.

sfhrod topcommenter

Respect Karl.

Edward Coffman
Edward Coffman

Another indication the bubble will burst, complete and utter trite!

Nik Marucut
Nik Marucut

I live in the sunset district (20th and Lincoln) and I never have a problem with cabs taking me back home or getting to downtown. Other than the misspelling of Karl's name I would say it's almost spot on.

Anna  Lee
Anna Lee

I don't think Karl would appreciate how they misspelled his name...

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