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Where do you want to go?

We believe there are very few people who would turn down the opportunity to travel; it seems the only thing keeping people in place (much of the time) is finances. Well, maybe money won't be the issue any longer.

The newly launched Trevolta is the first crowd-sourcing website to finance your travels. Sponsors consist of marketers for various brands who feel the trip could be in their business's best interest and individuals who support your reasons for taking the trip. And why we're sure it'll be hard to drum up money for a week spent lounging in the sun in Hawaii, there are definitely trips on the site we wouldn't mind going on.

One the first sponsored trips was a couple from Canada who wanted to go to three countries with just their backpacks to take photos. The photos are amazing, and only make us want to visit New Zealand and Australia that much more. Oh wait, maybe you can get some money to lie in the sun on Hawaii; the third place they visited was the aloha state. While we're sure the $1000 they raised won't cover even one airfare, it helped put a dent in the admission to the parks they chose to shoot.

While the site is still being rolled out, you're required to sign up for the waiting list in order to get access to the site. But once they give you a login, according to Trevolta, if you're going to post a trip, it should possess one of these three qualities:

"The extraordinary, over the top and adventurous trips.
Projects that inspire and give meaning to other people's lives.
Traveling for the purpose of doing research for publications, science, education, etc."

So, if you've always wanted to study the Inca ruins in Peru and write a scientific paper about your findings, now may be your chance. Happy trails!

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