Top 10 Stories on the Exhibitionist in 2013:
Part One

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We covered a wide scope of arts and culture items in, and around, San Francisco this year. Now we've crunched the numbers to come up with the top 10 stories on the Exhibitionist for 2013. This is part one:

Danny Wylde as himself, and in yellowface for his role in Burning Angel's porn parody of The Walking Dead

10. Sex-Positive Racism: Holding Alt Communities Accountable
Alternative sexual communities are known to be accepting groups, but in March, writer Chris Hall discovered two very blatant instance of racism within these communities: making a white character Asian by changing their skin color to yellow and a comedian performed at a Portland club in a black face.

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9. Time Lapse Video of San Francisco Reminds Us What We're Thankful For Today
Sometimes, caught up in the shuffle of daily life, it's easy to forget what we're grateful for. So, for Thanksgiving 2013, we gave few of the reasons why we are thankful to call San Francisco home, and shared a beautiful time-lapse video of the City by Matt Maniego.


8. Seven Reasons Oakland Is Cooler Than We Thought
Not only did we remember why we love San Francisco in 2013, but earlier this year we also found seven reason Oakland is cooler than we thought. More parking and real yards sure are nice.

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7. The Real World San Francisco: Here's Where The Strangers are Living
The show where "people stop being polite and start getting real," returned to San Francisco -- after 19 years. While back in 1994 they lived on Lombard Street, the first glimpse of their 2013 apartment featured a very bright living area in Polk Gulch.


6. San Francisco Named Snobbiest City in the U.S.
San Franciscans were voted many things this year, and among the high marks for best city to have a baby and the preppiest city in the U.S., we also found out we are a bit snobby.

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