Project Runway All Stars, Episode 8: Pantone it Down

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Radiant Orchid

This week began with a Christmas miracle: Alyssa Milano looked good. She was wearing a cute denim skirt and her hair looked fabulous! Everything was proportioned well to her body, and her high-heeled booties were totes adorbs. That's not to say that by the time the judging round came up she didn't revert back to fugly. Those quilted shorts paired with a pastel mint, boxy blazer were redonk and she looked like a footman in the Emerald City. All she needed was a riding crop and a drum majorette's hat with a matching plume.

All-told though, this week was very educational. We learned that the exciting it color of the moment is "radiant orchid," a sort of warmish hot pink, though I told you that was the season's hot color a few blogs ago, because I read it in some fashion mag. I'm a blogger, you see, and we know everything. That's why they invited "hot" fashion and beauty bloggers on the show to be dressed by the designers. I immediately fell in love with Seth Aaron's muse, a transgender woman named Gigi who has a nice energy. She also ended up with the nicest outfit, which isn't saying much, because everyone ended up looking like a middle-aged guidance counselor getting a PTA Appreciation Award.

When describing Elena's ensemble, Seth Aaron put it best when he said the model/blogger looked like a little girl trying to dress like an adult. The pink and grey suit of armor dwarfed the poor thing, which I guess wasn't hard, since Elena claims she's like 4-feet tall anyway.

Sigmond The Sea Monster

Viktor said the most bizarre thing about his outfit, "Put together, it looks like a blogger would wear this." What exactly do "bloggers" wear? Whatever it is, it sends designers home. The mad fanner will have to try and drum up the money for air conditioning somewhere else. His outfit was nowhere near as bad as Christopher's Sigmond the Sea Monster frock, but Christopher can't go home. He's the favorite to win, the fans love him, and a lot of people wanted him to win his season. The judges ain't dumb.

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