Project Runway All Stars, Episode 6: Ding Dong Jeffrey's Gone

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Tortured by the banal
Glory hallelujah, Jeffrey finally was sent home for yet another horrible frock, but the judges were still completely baffled that he wasn't excelling.

Isaac: "There's a momentary loss of ability right now."
Alyssa: "You can't tell me that that smart man doesn't know better."
Isaac: "He's tortured... tortured by the banal."

Ah, so he doesn't suck, he's merely tortured by the banal. Sort of like how the model in his avant garde challenge was tortured by that head sheath and lamp shade. He did, however, use the "it" color of the season, orchid (as did Seth Aaron) but methinks that was an accident and not intentional.

Alyssa Milano was actually bearable this week, especially when she said something very kind to Elena; "You make me excited about coming here." Something about that struck me and i was able to overlook her latest round of bad outfits that made her look short and stubby.

We are now down to six designers; I predict that Viktor, Christopher, and Irina will be the finalists. But then again, I'm shitty at predictions because I thought for sure Mychael would still be here.

Anthony Ryan Auld

So, now on to the sad stuff. It appears that guest judge and previous All Stars winner Anthony Ryan Auld's cancer has returned. You might remember that he had battled testicular cancer in the past, and he used the strength he got from that experience to fuel his designs. Ryan told The Advocate that it returned in April, and he has since undergone more surgery and two rounds of chemo to play it safe. "A lot of guys won't talk about this," he told them. "I say I'm neutered." He's a good guy, so I hope he recovers soon.

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