Notes on the Port of St. Francis, a Film About San Francisco, Added to National Film Registry

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A film set in San Francisco was among 25 movies added to the National Film Registry this year. While Mary Poppins, Roger & Me, and Pulp Fiction grabbed the national spotlight, we'd like to draw your attention to Frank Stauffacher's 1951 film on San Francisco: Notes on the Port of St. Francis.

The NFR shares, "Notes on the Port of St. Francis is the natural progression of Stauffacher's appreciation for the abstract synthesis of film and place." This place is of course the streets, beaches, and docks of San Francisco, which appear on screen in documentary-style footage. Running just under 22 minutes, the sounds fluctuate between noisy streets and narrator Vincent Price, whose lines are based on a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson -- a piece on San Francisco, according to the NFR.

You can watch the short, in its entirety on the SF State website.

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The most amazing thing about Robert Louis Stevenson's 1822 poem about San Francisco is that it was apparently written 25 years before the City took that name... and 28 years before Robert Louis Stevenson himself was even born.

Epic Reporter Fail.

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