Looking Trailer Two: Latest Glimpse is All About Relationships and Clichés

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While the first trailer for Looking gave a broad overview, the second one is all about relationships and clichés. First, there's the character who calls himself a cliché (working as a waiter for 8 years and about to turn 40), and the fact the younger man (who may or may not still be eating the same burrito from trailer one) who defends his one-boyfriend-only-past by stating "I just haven't met the right person yet." Of course he follows this up with the fact he just "doesn't want to compromise."

This is all after the trailer opens with the line: "It's San Francisco. It shouldn't be so hard to meet cool people in this town." We all know how hard it is to meet new people when you move to a new city.

Also, we noticed there's a lot of food and drink in Looking: They brought some Capri Suns to their picnic in Dolores Park and the guy with the padlock around his neck has a very weird way of eating plain, wheat bread (Really, you're going to peel off all the crust first?).

Check it out for yourself:

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