He Said, She Said: Dating Habits of Silicon Valley Millionaires

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Have no shame, gold diggers! Eligible millionaires in Silicon Valley love you just the way you are.

A recent study from MillionaireMatch.com found that millionaire men in Silicon Valley, 82.6 percent to be exact, are most likely to seek out non-millionaire women. And get this, only 16.2 percent would insist on a prenuptial agreement.

Millionaire women, however, are quite the opposite and 86.7 percent of them prefer to date other millionaires. And 92.4 percent insist on the union between prenups and dry ink.

According to the study, a random sample of 524 millionaires in the area, there's plenty of "new money" to be found in Silicon Valley between the ages of 29 and 40.

Darren Shuster, marketing manager for Matchamaker.com, has a theory: wealthy men "want to share their wealth with the less fortunate."

Apparently to marry a non-millionaire means to be charitable. The more popular responses from men polled had to do with dating "somebody who appreciates things" and not dating "bossy, middle-aged women who can take care of themselves."

In the on-going battle of the sexists, that's one point for the fellas.

For women it's a matter of "not carrying the whole financial burden," according to a female member worth $100 million. (What financial burden is she referring to when one member of the couple is worth $100 million?) Must be tough when one decides love does cost a thing.

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Mary Harcourt
Mary Harcourt

I hear ya girl... I think I lived my life not believing but sometimes they just also you across the face. Live your life and have fun... When you focus in just having a great time for you and your life you attract the perfect person into it....and go travel! It's amazing!!!

Lauren Emmons
Lauren Emmons

I am sick, sick of getting my heart broken. You can only get burned so any times before you stop believing. Mary when I can stomach the idea of being with someone again, a sugar daddy sounds like a good idea to me!!! It would be a nice change for me. Lol.

Maya Nair
Maya Nair

Last time I checked it was SF weekly not San Jose weekly

Mary Harcourt
Mary Harcourt

Just saying a sugar daddy would help with the travels! ;)

Lauren Emmons
Lauren Emmons

What are u implying Mary Harcourt? I actually think I'm joining your perspective on not getting married. I did enough of that in my 20s. Over it!! I'm trying to travel.

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