Do you Dare? Strip to Your Skivvies and Take the Polar Bear Plunge

At least it's not this cold in San Francisco

If you're ready to meet 2014 buck naked* amongst a crowd of freezing people on a wintry beach -- then this is the event for you.

Splash into the chilly waters of the Pacific on New Year's Day in an annual tradition known to some as the Polar Bear Plunge and to others as how-you-get-hypothermia. According to Surfline, the water temperature at noon has been hovering near 51 degrees -- cold, but at least it's above freezing!

The Riptide swim club will be meeting at 11:30 a.m. on Taraval at Ocean Beach to strip down to their swimsuits to take the plunge before running back to a bar to sip $4 mimosas. And if one dip isn't enough, just run down the beach and do it again! Bart Don't Lie shares their Ocean Beach Polar Bear Club will convene for the third annual plunge at noon on Judah at Ocean Beach, and will follow their swim with whiskey and a visit to a nearby bar.

*Since it's not legal to be nude in S.F. we suggest a flesh colored Speedo or you can just tell the cops you were wearing a flesh colored Speedo, which they may -- or may not -- choose to believe.

Update: Please be aware of the current king tides before approaching the ocean for your polar bear plunge.

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Take it off. Take it all off.

Omar Rodriguez Ulloa
Omar Rodriguez Ulloa

Just gonna say it because it needs to be said whenever it comes up. The water in the SF Bay and coasts do not have unsafe levels of radiation from fukushima.

Tehvul Garcia
Tehvul Garcia

They crazy as crazy gets. Not because it's cold but because that radiation is not for play.

Joe Flores
Joe Flores

I'll do that here in monterey. 51 degrees is pretty cold. Even with a wetsuit.

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