Bullitt Then and Now: Filming Locations are Revisited

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Herve Attia/ YouTube/ Reddit
Then (1968) and now

Late last Summer we ended up at the Clarement pool, and the first thing out of our mouth was "They filmed Mrs. Doubtfire here. Over there -- that's where the run-by-fruiting happened."

Visiting a location from a movie you love is an interesting experience, seeing what's changed -- and stayed the same. And recently we came across On The Set : The Movie Filming Locations Channel, a project dedicated to revisiting those locations you've become familiar with by watching your favorite films over and over again.

Recently they visited San Francisco to film the locations of the movie -- with arguably the best-car-chase-ever -- Bullitt, which was shot in 1968. Check out what's changed in the last 45 years:

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aliasetc topcommenter

Fuckin fabulous, greatest chase scene

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