Belle SF Magazine: Art, Culture, and Tastefully Naughty Pics!


The soon to be launched magazine, Belle SF, describes itself as "a celebration of all that is beautiful about San Francisco, the culture, the art, and the people within it."

Publisher David Beaulieu promises that the new venture will harken back to the glory days of "vintage Playboy, the type of magazine from a bygone era, when great writing, and great photography went hand in hand."

"There's nothing in Belle SF that you wouldn't see that you wouldn't see in a fashion magazine," promises Beaulieu. "It will be the only locally based nudie/culture magazine. We're going to be all natural. No fake breasts, no plastic surgery. It'll have that natural esthetic from the 70s."

Playboy became legendary for it's boundary pushing nude centerfolds, and for it's editorial contact. You could actually read the magazine, not just look at the pictures.
Belle SF hopes to follow in Playboy's footsteps, albeit with a hip, contemporary vibe.

Bellse SF will feature tasteful, sensual, natural beauty.

Beaulieu will edit Belle SF together with his wife Melissa. They bring to the table strong backgrounds in graphic design. Both have a deep appreciation of all things vintage and a love of print.

"The goal for each issue will be to collaborate extensively with local talent to produce a distinct and tangible piece of print art," said Beaulieu. "We want Belle SF to be our contribution, a way to give something back, through creative means, to a city that has been so integral to our development."

"I'm a voracious reader, and I feel that the written word, and the power it wields, it still very important," said Melissa Beaulieu. "My challenge is to find writers that will express the unique, idiosyncratic character of the City."

"To be clear, sexuality is not the focus of our magazine," said Beaulieu. "It is one of the many facets of life here in SF, and therefor a vital aspect of presenting life as a whole. We embrace the juxtaposition of tasteful, all natural nudity, and great writing. Each issue will feature articles about local music, restaurants, bars, events, politics, as well as interviews with local artists and designers."

We wondered if Belle SF would have appeal outside the Bay Area. "I sure hope so," said Beaulieu. "There will be inside stuff, but our eye is on the national."

The magazine's appeal should spread beyond the City limits. There's a story in the works about Team Backpack, a hip-hop collective based in the East Bay.

There's also been talk of doing a companion magazine with a focus on male pictorials, should Belle SF "take off." Like the parent publication, the proposed Beau SF would feature a mix of skin and culture. "Same kind of content, same editorial policies," said Beaulieu.

David and Melissa Beaulieu, creators of Belle SF.

The first issue of Belle SF will be available on February 1, and will be sold online (including Amazon), at magazine kiosks, and in independent bookstores. The magazine will of course have a website, which will also launch February. As well as Belle SF has a Kickstarter page for those who'd like to help launch the magazine.

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