A Decade of Christmas: Bad Santa, Elf and Love Actually Turn 10

Love Actually, Elf, and Bad Santa turn 10

Holiday movies just haven't been the same ever since Macaulay Culkin hit puberty in the early 90s.

With the drop of his balls came the end of an era defined by the now iconic antics of his Kevin McCallister persona in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Who didn't want to be this kid growing up? From his penchant for knitwear to his taste in old school gangster flicks (Keep the change, ya filthy animal) and cool gadgets (Talkboys), Kevin McCallister wreaked of effortless cool.

But then Home Alone 3 happened. No Macaulay. No charm. No good.

And just like that we were left to endure with Jingle All the Way and a deep longing for the way things were. Sorry, but Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't cut it.

However, something unexpected and wonderful happened in 2003: the release of Elf, Bad Santa and Love Actually.

These three near-perfect holiday movies seemed to come out of nowhere to then become the undisputed Christmas champs of our time and this year marks their 10th birthday!

Who could forget Billy Bob Thornton's acerbic anti-jolly Santa, Will Ferrell's infectious long limbed elf and Emma Thompson's exquisite crying scene? Lather me in eggnog and color me merry! These movies restored our faith in the holidays and today we salute you.

(Special shoutout to Pieces of April, also released in 2003, for what's probably the best Thanksgiving film of the past decade.)

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Tony Quarrington
Tony Quarrington

Much as I like the classics, there's no contest for me - Bad Santa.

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