Time Lapse Video of San Francisco Reminds Us What We're Thankful For Today

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Maniego Media/ Vimeo

While San Francisco isn't always paradise -- Muni delays, poop on the sidewalk, and rent prices -- we are still very thankful to call the City home.

We love our fog (Karl), the fact we're on the edge of the ocean, the diversity, the Painted Ladies, the food scene (farmers markets included), the unique neighborhoods, our parks, the cable cars (although we rarely ride them), the fact the City responded to the overturn of Prop 8 and repeal of DOMA like this -- and so much more.

So today, we're sharing this time-lapse video from Matt Maniego, who filmed the City over an 11-month period, capturing scenes of S.F. that he thought people may be missing.

"The times I was shooting, most people would either be in bed, on a train/bus, or in their cars, stuck in traffic," says Maniego. "I chose to get up before the sun did, and go to sleep long after the sun set."

After filming the City from various vantage points and different hours, he's come to the conclusion that his favorite view of S.F. is from the top of Mt. Davidson.

"It's a lot quieter than Twin Peaks or Bernal Hill. It also has a fallen giant, 'That SF Tree', a San Francisco icon in the photography community."

But we're lucky enough to be in a city where there really is no bad view. Happy Thanksgiving, San Francisco.

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Dub Gabriel
Dub Gabriel

I'm Thankful for over priced rents. God Bless San Francisco!

Lou Kief
Lou Kief

It was never the physical beautiy of the city, it was the astounding combination of the most beautiful spot in the world to live with the most wonderful, ecclectic mix of human beings. Sadly all that's left now is the beautiful city landscape. What a huge, sad loss for all of us.

Maria Osorio
Maria Osorio

Happy Thanksgiving, beautiful San Francisco

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