Ravenswood Episode 5: Situation Abnormal
All F'd Up

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Naughty ghosts need love too.

I can see why this show features ghosties, because every time a tangible plot line arises (I see something! Do you see that?!) it quickly disappears in a poof.

Last week things were really starting to gel.

The sexual tension betwixt Miranda and Caleb began to ramp up, the creepiness of the mortician and the old crone intensified, and monsters began to appear behind every cobweb and tombstone. This week, however, they began to throw even more stuff at us and its all starting to congeal into one big blob of WTF.

We learned that the funeral home guy has the hots for Olivia and Luke's mom, and he and their dearly departed Dad hated each other. Luke dumps Remy because he realizes he's really a thespian. The ghost of Miranda's mom shows up at a high school play rehearsal because, yeah.

Your move, Death
And Caleb plays chess with ABC Family's answer to Max Von Sydow in The Seventh Seal. Oh yeah, and once again the gang has to scramble to get out of the way of some ceiling fixtures that an evil spirit sends crashing down on them, barely escaping with their lives.

The biggest revelation comes from Miranda, who admits to Olivia that she is in love with Caleb. "You're not exactly available," she points out, though technically she can touch and be touched. Unrequited love is more riveting though. She ought to be happy that she will remain young and beautiful for all of eternity, though I found myself wondering if she would be stuck in that dumpy outfit forever. Miranda even made a joke about that herself, stating that if she had known this was going to be her look for the rest of her days, she would have worn cuter shoes.

Speaking of clothes, or in this case, no clothes; Caleb wore nothing but a towel in a gratuitous scene created to send 13 year olds into a Twitter twitter. He's not exactly built like brick mausoleum though, and looks better with his clothes on. Still, it furthered the Miranda/Caleb love plot efficiently since she was noticeably turned on by his manhood, despite the fact that she cannot reproduce anymore and doesn't have need of hormones. She doesn't even need to change her underwear now, apparently.

None of this seems to matter though, considering the fact that at the end of the episode she takes her mom's hand and the two of them walk towards the light, passing through the doorway of Bed, Bath, and The Great Beyond and into who knows what. So is she just gone from the cast now? Or will she return as a spirit, dropping in and out unannounced like Lenny and Squiggy? We shall see.

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