Ravenswood Episode 4: The Ghostess with the Mostest

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That tingle on the back of your tiny tween neck is the creep factor rising like a murder of crows into that dark Ravenswood night, gentle reader.

Finally more ghosts, spirits, wraiths, and monsters are showing up in town, and I hope the trend continues.

Do I get the plot? Not really... it's something about how when anyone returns to Ravenswood from war, five teenagers die. This is what is colloquially called, "The Curse," (unlike what most females colloquially call "the curse," though to be fair, both are riddled with bitchiness; this is basically a soap opera, after all). We just learned that the Curse got the beauty queen Olivia and her brother Luke's father killed, and that lil' tidbit came care of his long-dead mistress in messages from the great beyond.

Oh, and everyone can see Miranda now, not just Caleb, which happened none too soon since he probably couldn't keep getting away with wandering through town seemingly talking to himself. At least now four others can look nuts too.

Olivia looks perpetually mortified.

Here's the rub: As Caleb settles into the town ("I just need to stay long enough to get some answers..." Like, oh, say five or six seasons?) and Miranda becomes more and more visible as a ghost, the other principal kids are fading further into the background. No one on this show has a distinct personality or any quirks. Remy, my vote for Character With The Most Potential, wears cute clothes but is still two-dimensional. Luke is completely irrelevant and looks too much like the creep-o mortician.

Caleb and Miranda have the most oomph, and when ABC Family politely hinted that I was to use the hashtag #SweetCaleb, I found that most viewers think there is going to be some man-on-ghost action between the two. "Poor Hanna! #SweetCaleb" ad infinitum.


The show always ends on a tune in next week! note, and this time it was a conversation between the funeral home's answer to Harold and Maude, Raymond and Carla. "I told him the last groundskeeper retired," says Raymond, alluding to why he set up Caleb in the sweet-ass carriage house.

"That's probably for the best," says Carla. "He'll just think the stains are rust." Mmwhahahaaa.

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