Project Runway All Stars Episode 5: Bonnie and Cly-hide

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"This is the look for the day"

I'm not sure why it took this long for actual Lifetime programming product placement to arrive, but this week our heroes were supposed to create a '30s inspired look to promote the upcoming biopic Bonnie & Clyde on the network.

The crime duo has been done to death, and the addition of the already-been-used-effectively-in-a-Tarantino-flick song, Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang," further added to the unoriginality. I guess the Serge Gainsbourg estate said non to the use of his song, "Bonnie and Clyde"?

Anywho, speaking of "bang bang," the judges put a bullet through the next least-popular designer, Mychael, which was a bummer, but his disco hotel porter ensemble was indeed whack. Was it as whack as Viktor's ridiculously gaping lapels and purple back-fringe? Oh hell no, but he's already been determined to be one of the finalists, so he can't go home. At this point the judging is one big joke. How else to explain how they ripped into Irina's amazing leather jacket? It was angular and bold, and the model looked phenomenal.

It must be said that Jeffrey has got to be sleeping with Isaac Mizrahi. He not only didn't end up in the bottom, his usual spot, but the motherfucker won the entire challenge with a big, grey wool man-tampon disguised as a long coat. The patched pockets of the thing were on the sides of the model's hips; I don't know why, but I pictured the model as a clothespin dressed up like a Soviet palace guard, with giant fingers pinching him where those pockets indicated --lifting him and placing him in front of a toy replica of the Kremlin. But that's just me.


Here's some good news: Alyssa Milano was the least-annoying that she's ever been, only once speaking through clenched teeth. She did, however, adopt her usual head cocked to side, lips pouty apology when it was time to send Mychael home. "We really wish you all the best for the future," she told him. "You're so wonderful! Thank you so much!"

Bang bang, that awful sound.

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