Project Runway All Stars, Episode 4: Model's Butt Steals the Show

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I'm beginning to think that Kenley was right: Alyssa Milano does not dress in ways that compliment her figure. This is quite an epiphany and could very well change the course of my life. During the runway show she wore some boxy black and white thingie that made her look like a chubby Lego person. I've also realized that Isaac Mizrahi does a much better job than borewad Zac Posen, and he should really be on regular PR instead of All Stars so that we can see more of him. When he flails his hands with his pen in them for emphasis, I want to tickle him.

Then there's this: What is going on with Seth Aaron's eyebrows?

WTF Seth Aaron?

Since this appears to be the Week of Revelations for me, let me also add that my theory about who they chop from the show was further solidified when no one was sent home this week. I had posited that its a popularity contest and that the judges already know who they want to be the final contenders. Everyone in the bottom this time was a favorite to win initially, including good ol' Jeffrey. He once again did a stupid ass dress this week, literally, since the model's butt was hanging out, and you could see her entire bagina on the runway too. "I never got from this that we were supposed to do wearable," he said. Derrr. He really knows how to sell his shit though, because he described his outfit as "anime girl, mid-twirl," which is a pretty brilliant way to spin the the fact that your model's reproductive parts are displayed.

Oops, wrong Michael Knight
Mychael Knight is also a powerhouse, so when his ridic ensemble made from school supplies didn't get him expelled I wasn't surprised. (I was relieved though, because I like him the best. Shhh.)

We all know what this means though, for we are all well-seasoned in reality TV, are we not? Yes, that's right, next week there's probably gonna be a double elimination. The two least popular designers will get tossed, so that will probably be Irina and Korto. Sad to say it. Jeffrey could get the boot too, since he's been in the bottom three times now and it's starting to look obvious. "As you know in fashion, one day you're in. And then the next day you're in. And then the next day you're in..." Charmed life he has.

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