RSVP: ParkNow Allows Drivers to Pay & Reserve Parking Spots in Advance

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Four letter words inevitably come to mind while hopelessly in search of an available parking spot.

Those words momentarily release stress but don't make the task at hand any faster or easier. So how about in lieu of those naughty four letter words we instead go with a four letter acronym: RSVP.

ParkNow is a new app created by BMW that not only helps frustrated shoppers find a parking spot but also allows them to reserve and pay for it well in advance through their smartphones.

Already active in more than 50 parking garages in San Francisco, including locations in Union Square and the Financial District, ParkNow aims to brighten your Black Friday woes.

Give it a shot. It's better than wasting fuel and shouting profanities in front of the kids. Park and be merry instead!

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aliasetc topcommenter

Don't shop San Francisco....if you have a car, go to the mall parking is


Carmichael Caudron
Carmichael Caudron

gas is almost 5 bucks. how are these people affording this? blaming Obama is going to get old for irresponsible spending of citizens on bullshit like gas for a car in a city where u don't need a car.

Ryan D. K. Brady
Ryan D. K. Brady

Owning a car is always a scam. Depreciation, maintenance, gas.

Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin

Only in San Francisco does owning a car is a scam.

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