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My Modern Met

Happy Friday! Have a look at what we're reading, viewing, and gawking at on the internet.

Cute men and sexy kittens! Or is it the other way around? (My Modern Met)

The horror! Check out the 10 worst apartments for rent in San Francisco and just be thankful you don't live there. (Curbed)

Take a hike, Bad Grandpa. This 75-year-old grandma chugs beer pong like a pro. Bow down. (Buzzfeed)

The scalp can only endure so much. Scroll your way through Lady Gaga's hair-volution. (Noisey)

Movember is almost over. Here's how to maintain that stache and claim victory. (7x7)

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SF Weekly
SF Weekly

Karen Holleran Michael Dane link is now fixed. Thanks.

Karen Holleran
Karen Holleran

Uh the apartments look fine to me (besides price) link is wrong had to Google "curb sf 10 worst sf apartments)

Jolly Wolly
Jolly Wolly

Really you find all this cool and sexy wow - widen your spectrum to the outer realms of this world to Asgardian, to where even King Odin is hot. This guy is bland, bland, blah and bland I think tofu is more Visceral and too abysmal but we need more Tim Curry. Plus that cat meme is 2 years old……………………..

Michael Dane
Michael Dane

The link on that page to the "10 worst apartments" might need some fixing . . It leads to the "Men and Cats" page.

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