The Future of Movie Theaters: Landmark Theatre's Embarcadero Center is Remodeled and Ready for a Close Up

Juan De Anda/ SF Weekly
Landmark Theatres Raised the Bar of Comfort at the Movies.

Move over generic movie theaters! Landmark's newly renovated Embarcadero Center Cinema in San Francisco is truly the future of cinema.

After a four month renovation, the Financial District theater house has done more than simply change the wallpaper and carpeting.

The main auditorium was cut in half and converted to two smaller viewing lounges and increasing the available screens to seven in all. According to Steve Indig, senior publicist for Landmark Theatre's, the Embarcadero Center location scaled down the viewing room capacity sizes from 125 to 285 people to a more intimate range of 22 to 146.

One of the most notable features is that the seating is now comprised of smooth, high quality leather chairs. And in screening rooms 2-5, the seats can recline (yes, recline) through electronic buttons located in the arm rest. Take a look:

Juan De Anda/ SF Weekly
Front row makes you crane your neck? Not a problem anymore!

Another perk of the new renovation? When you purchase your tickets online, or at the theater (through one of the massive, touchscreen computer screens), you can actually reserve your seats. No more having to show up 30 minutes to perform your one-line monologue titled "Seat's Taken."

And you don't have to drink Diet Coke in your new Barcalounger either. Due to changes in California legislation, those of us over 21 can bring alcoholic beverages into any movie theater, even if the showing isn't for those over legal drinking age, according to Indig.

"We are taking advantage of this new law by offering brand new 35 foot long concession stand and wine and beer bar in the lobby," he said. "And aside from the standard movie snacks, we will also be offering hot plates serving full meals."

Now for all the amenities offered at this movie venue, one would think that the price would spike but not really. The prices are $10.50 for children and $12.50 for general admission, typical San Francisco standards.

The venue opened Nov. 1, with 12 Years a Slave and Blue is the Warmest Color as their main features for the box-office weekend.

So will plush leather seats and a bit of Merlot get you to go and watch an independent art house film here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Rock Belt
Rock Belt

Well they have to compete in this era of home theater.

Ely Rodriguez
Ely Rodriguez

finally, europe has been doing this shit since the beginning. its great.

Ivonne Carley
Ivonne Carley

will it have the "we kick you out if you're on your phone" rule like the Alamo Drafthouse?

Robert Scalzi
Robert Scalzi

only 20 fucking years behind Portland Or - WTF SF ?? About time

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