Oy: E! Online Identifies the Wrong Chinese Victoria's Secret Model

Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com
This is Ming Xi.

Nobody's perfect -- not even the exotic beauties with the long limbs, sharp-as-glass cheekbones and seductive eyes who strut down the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway every fall.

They come close though.

However, journalists are held to different standards. While our jobs aren't dependent on waist lines and pouty lips, it's imperative that we get our facts straight -- and apologize with a correction when we don't.

But again, nobody's perfect -- not even the folks at E! Online who identified the wrong Chinese model this week in their photo slideshow of the lingerie extravaganza.

Ming Xi might not be a household name like fellow angels Adriana, Alessandra, Miranda or Behati, but she's certainly her own individual who's not to be confused with Sui He.

Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com
This is Sui He.

So what's the big deal? It's a slight oversight and most likely there was no harm intended. But unfortunately this error reminds us of the ongoing stereotype that all Asians look the same. The error has some added sting when considering that E! Online correctly identified the other models who are predominantly white and blonde.

E! Online
This is not Sui He. It's Ming Xi

Ming Xi and Sui He were the only Chinese models represented on the catwalk. A little fact-checking goes a long way. Oh right, and they don't look alike!

This isn't a jab at E! Online. Everyone makes mistakes -- yes, even journalists. But it's obvious that this was perhaps an error of carelessness.

It bears repeating, nobody's perfect -- not even journalists with our tough questions, in-depth research and good intentions.

We should come close though.

E! Online

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