Cab Flies Through Intersection, Much to the Delight of the Passengers

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While we don't condone this, haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to jump an intersection going downhill in San Francisco? The passenger, who may -- or may not -- have had a few adult beverages, tells "the cab guy" to "hit 'em" as they approach the intersection. We assume he means hit the gas, and "cab guy" does it.

The quick clip shows them sailing through the intersection, and a second passenger let's out a scream that can only be described as "this is awesome, let's do it again."

Check it out:

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Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker

Great as it looks in movies, they're damn lucky they didn't end up hitting a car or pedestrian.

Larry Blücher
Larry Blücher

You may have been in my cab. That was another lifetime ago. Bingo

George Michael
George Michael

my dad got a cab driver to do that in SF 20 years ago. best public transportation experience of my life.

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