Seeing Spots: Hashtag for Discarded CJM Stickers

Snap a Instagram pic of this sticker next time you visit the Contemporary Jewish Museum.
Besides being temples of culture, knowledge and learning, there is one thing all major San Francisco museums have in common: stickers acting as proof of purchase clinging to your chest.

As bright and fashionable some them may appear to be, we eventually discard them. But where do you stick these little dots and squares?

The back of Muni seats? Random public bathrooms? Sides of our SF Weekly newsstands? (I personally stick mine to the ever growing sticker collection in the locker room at my other job.)

The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco wants to find out and has created a new hashtag for Instagram to help you create an artsy photo opp for their curious eyes.

Although #CJMRogueTicket may seem like an interesting and novel idea, it doesn't seem to have caught wind in our tech obsessed mecca yet.

There are only six photos tagged with the hashtag and all are from The Contemporary Jewish Museum's public Instagram account: @jewseum.

Stickin' It to the Wall.
It looks like they can use a little help. Although we can't guarantee widespread success like other misplaced sticker companions like the "I Voted" and "Fucking Bill Murray," we can at least see where spaces these blue dots grace.

So slap them around San Francisco and don't forget to take that pic. Snap. Snap!

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