San Francisco Ranks as Second City in America for Movie Buffs


When it comes to all things film, wouldn't it make sense for San Francisco to play a secondary supporting role to Los Angeles' presumed leading lady status as movie capital of the world?

Apparently not.

The folks over at Motovo Real Estate ranked Portland as the best city in America for movie buffs, while San Francisco flexes some serious celluloid muscle at number two.

Los Angeles, on the other hand, looks pretty wimpy and in need of a serious facelift way down at number 23 just behind Madison, WI. It seems there's more to them than just cheese.

Now here's what Motovo considered for this list:

  • Movie theaters per capita
  • Video rental stores per capita
  • Number of indie theaters per capita
  • Number of annual film festivals
  • Number of film/cinema museums
  • Number of film societies per capita
  • Number of drive-in theaters per capita
  • Bonus points for specialty theaters per capita

San Francisco earned major points as the city with the most movie theaters per capita and the most annual film festivals per capita.

Need proof? This week San Francisco hosts the 17th Annual Arab Film Festival in the Castro Theatre.

Speaking of, our beloved city earned extra credit points simply for being home to the "awesome" Castro Theatre. (We love extra credit.)

Sorry L.A., that's a wrap!

See the top 10 cities in the U.S. for movie buffs here.

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Sylvia Sotomayor
Sylvia Sotomayor

Can someone please compile all of our rankings: fittest city, greenest city, single-est city, drunkest city, foodiest city, movie buff city, expensive city etc.....


San Francisco is dense; L.A. is sprawling. If L.A. was just Hollywood, West Hollywood (not technically L.A. at all) and Santa Monica (also not L.A.) and Venice, then maybe it would be #1. But Van Nuys? Reseda? Heck, nearly the entirety of the Valley? Not so much...

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