Neighbor Reminds Us There Are Good People Out There -- And to Move the Car

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Anyone who has ever moved to San Francisco and brought their car along has undoubtedly received a parking ticket or street sweeping ticket -- it's almost a rite of passage. Some of us have even stood outside on a foggy morning (already late for work) and wondered -- was our car stolen or towed?

One person is showing some neighborly love by reminding drivers of when it's street sweeping.

So if you've managed to hang on to your car while being a city dweller, just a reminder to check out when your street sweeping schedule is.

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Speak out loud about good things...yes

Esther Lo
Esther Lo

That really is a good neighbor. I still remember getting out from the house earlly in the chillly & foggy morning & moving the car for street cleaning.


So grateful for this kind of little note, especially when it saves me from betting a $50 ticket.  It's playing it forward at its practical best or little love letters to strangers.

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