Artist Whose Luggage was Stolen Pens a Note to the Thief, San Franciscans, and Those Wanting to Help

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If you've ever been a victim of theft, you probably cringe a little when you hear of someone else becoming a victim as well. Maybe you experience a flashback of walking up to broken car window to see your messenger bag snatched (happened to yours truly) or remember running your hand over your pocket and realizing your wallet is gone -- then wondering who could cross that personal line.

Well, one Australian family is reaching out to whoever stole their luggage with a heartfelt note about items stolen, such as, "You took the jacket I was going to wear at my wedding, the one I picked up at a vintage store in Italy, as well as the shoes and belt my fiancé purchased at the same place." The note continues with:

We wonder about how you took so much luggage from us in one go. I hauled it in and out of enough hotels to know how hard that is. Your life must be like that all the time, hard. Even this massive bounty of luggage you took from us must have been hard. The reselling of the items must hard. The burden of carrying so many stolen items must be hard. Knowing that you have robbed a father, a mother, a child, must be hard.

The family also reaches out to San Franciscans to be on the lookout for their items appearing at Bay Area stores. They even give a detailed list of what to look for.

The person who penned the family note, Campbell Whyte, is an artist, and if you'd like to contribute monetarily you can purchase a piece or have one commissioned. Orders can be placed through

If you stole the luggage, then the next part is for you:

If you are the person who took our things, we would love if you could return the pieces that you aren't able to make money off. You could simply put them back in to one of the suitcases you took, our names are already on there, then drop them with the valet at the Hyatt on 555 North Point Street.

Wear a cap and sunglasses, walk up casually, leave it there. No questions will be asked, we'd just really love to have back some of the things. Especially our personal items, like sketchbooks, diaries and the like.

Here's to hoping someone out there does the right thing.

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Dee Dee Russell
Dee Dee Russell

Typical SF. Those coddled street bums selling clothes on the sidewalks where do yall think they get them from? Stolen from everywhere including tourists such as this and from laundromats. Cops should crack down on it but they don't right across the street from me they have set up shop, its ridiculous and typical SF,

Bonnie Blake
Bonnie Blake

So sorry for your family's loss. I was treated very well during my travels in Australia.

Antoinette Young-Jonopulos
Antoinette Young-Jonopulos

Did you read the list? That's an excessive amount of things (some seem expensive, also "wardrobes" for the children?!) to put in luggage!

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