Looking for Mr. Right: San Francisco Ranks Sixth for Most Eligible Millionaires

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Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?

Matchmaker, matchmaker, find me a millionaire match.

The folks over at SeekingMillionaire.com gave San Francisco a kick in the balls this week when they ranked it sixth in their list of U.S. cities with the most eligible bachelor millionaires.

Face it. You can't always be number one, San Francisco. Apparently you can't always be runner-up or take home the bronze medal neither.

So what gives? You'd think the city that ranks in the upper echelons of most expensive in the world would also boast the wealthy studs to match. That's just not the case.

The site, pegged as the world's premiere millionaire-dating website, conducted a census based on 89,503 single members with a net worth of at least $1 million.

What's a gal searching for diamond encrusted love in the Bay Area supposed to do with this information? Skip town to numbers one through five? Maybe. Speaking of, these are the jabronies who ka-chinged their way to the top. There's got to be a (un)reasonable explanation for this, right?

5. Dallas, TX - 966 eligible millionaire men (Oil)

4. Houston, TX - 1,038 (Even more oil)

3. Chicago, IL - 1,092 (Oprah. Well not anymore, but she must factor in somehow.)

2. Los Angeles, CA - 2,127 (Hollywood)

1. New York, NY - 4,101 (Well, that's original. Hope you're happy being the center of the world. Here's looking at you, Wall Street.)

It all makes perfect sense now. In any case, San Francisco will just have to sit pretty in sixth place for now. After all, Jennifer Hudson placed seventh on American Idol and look at her now -- millionaire.

In case you're wondering, San Francisco has 909 eligible millionaires roaming around looking for companionship. Get to the gold digging, ladies!

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My basic net worth, before net margins, is 249MM. Yet, my deep personal needs are all about real love, security [emotional] and finding a 5'6"", blue-eyed woman who is not very concerned about material matters of her own, of course. 

I haven't found her as yet. Have ya'all? Worst, I'm tall, slim, and have been told all my life that I'm real easy on the eyes. I'm 52, been married once [widowed], no kids, and can be viewed in various poses at bloggins@aol.com. HELP!  I'd like  to find a slender, intellectual, sophisticated and kind woman. Bobb


actually, if you're consider millionaires-per-population, and considering greater metropolitan areas, not just city boundaries... it would look like:

Millionaires per person, greater metropolitan areas
1. NY - 207 per million
2. Houston - 167 per million
3. LA - 163 per million
4. Dallas - 144 per million
5. SF - 128 per million
6. Chicago - 111 per million

Paul Varga
Paul Varga

Well, the city is abundant in cougars and gold diggers.

Garon Cummings
Garon Cummings

i bet sf would rank higher if they tried to find the number of gold diggers or even higher if they found out how many women in the bay want to be gold diggers maybe not the title but plenty are only interested in a man with lots of money


Don't waste your time, unless you really love that person rich or poor, otherwise your life will be a living hell.

Glenn Darwis
Glenn Darwis

Not surprised. Marriage is a liability especially in areas of above-average wealth concentration.

Thomas Dewar
Thomas Dewar

Isn't any place with a lot of wealth? How's this news?

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