Checkmate: San Francisco Ranks Third for Flannel Cities in the U.S.

Danny Tanner wears flannel

This is the only time when San Francisco will gladly step aside and be a bridesmaid, but only if the bride wears Doc Martens and goes by the name Seattle.

Extra points if the groom goes by Jeremy. (You see what we did there?)

Our grunge-blasting, trendsetting brothers and sisters up north were voted top flannel city in the U.S. by Duluth Trading Co.

San Francisco ranks third and because Duluth specializes in workwear and all things plaid, we'll just go ahead and trust their judgment. After all, we can't really argue against Seattle, can we?

That is, unless you consider the fact that San Francisco birthed the very first pair of Levi's. Duluth did and still put us in third behind Boston. Nice recovery, Boston. Let's not forget last week's preppy fiasco.

Anyway, San Francisco was also the first city to match its flannel with hard hats during construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

There was also that one time when San Francisco got really, really cold and wore flannel out and AND... Oh well, whatever, nevermind (You see what we did there?)

No one argues San Francisco's notable contributions to flannel, but any attempt to deny Seattle's rightful place in the black hole sun is just plain silly.

We won't be the ones to rain on their parade. They get enough of that already.

Congratulations, Seattle. Stay grungy.

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Portland isn't even on that list. It would be number 1 for sure. 

NorCal Crowe
NorCal Crowe

Flannel....too bad its not in family friendly....or morals...hahahaha

Thomas Dewar
Thomas Dewar

A belated attempt at some working class cred, now that so many of us have been priced out of our hometown?

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