NBC Gives the Golden Gate Bridge an Extra Tower

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Something doesn't look quite right

A Redditor with a good eye caught this still from NBC's Sunday night pregame show Football Night in America, where if you look closely, the Golden Gate Bridge has an extra tower. Also in this redesign of the bridge, the suspension cables just drift into space from the three towers (No need for those! They're just decoration!).

We're not sure who is photo shopping like mad over at NBC, but one would hope that the person in charge would know the Golden Gate only has two towers. And if they didn't know, maybe they could look it up? It's only the most photographed bridge in the world.

A closer view of the mistake

Thankfully, the Statue of Liberty in this picture appears to have only two arms.

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Still more accurate than their news reports ...

Kyle Goodfella
Kyle Goodfella

Shows just how the media works. What they want you to see they will produce.

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