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Today I Found Out

Bike your way through San Francisco's rich literary past; this map gives a new meaning to Jack Kerouac's On the Road. (SFBG)

Many know the story of Christopher McCandless from Into the Wild, a book by Jon Krakauer that was turned into a movie. But how he died in the Alaskan wilderness remained a mystery -- until now. (Outside Magazine)

This one comes from Utah, with love. We need tissues in the lumber aisle. (Out)

Here's a fire we don't want put out anytime soon: Check out Arcade Fire's new interactive music video. (Pitchfork)

Seahorses have it all twisted; clearly they skipped sex ed. (Today I Found Out)

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Christine Olson
Christine Olson

Please click on link, like and share this page. The Dugan Family needs your support after having their world rocked upside down in the Lyons, Colorado 2013 Flood. The National Guard evacuated residents yesterday. The Dugan Family hiked out of their off-the-grid property with only things they could carry. Jonathan is a carpenter and lost his truck and all of his tools. Here is their story:

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