HBO's Take on San Francisco: Looking, the Story of Three Gay Guys

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Kevin Henderson

Get ready for HBO's latest young-attractive-people-tackle-big-city series -- Looking, which features none other than three men and San Francisco.

While the pilot was filmed in April, according to Mayor Ed Lee, the first season began taping this month and finishes up in November. Mission Local spotted a film crew over at Doc's Clock, so it appears they're already underway in filming the struggles of being a 20-or-30-something, which we assume includes job dissatisfaction, unrequited love, and the likes -- against the backdrop of the Mission and the Castro.

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HBO President of Programming Michael Lombardo says the network is "thrilled to be shooting in the City." And adds, "Looking is as much about San Francisco as it is about the characters inhabiting the show."

But will it really grasp the daily life of living San Francisco? We bet none of the stars, Frankie J. Alvarez, Murray Bartlett and Jonathan Groff, will slip in human feces or have an apartment where the dining room has been converted into a fourth bedroom.

Not that a plot based on the real struggles of life is essential to making an HBO television show about a city beloved (Hello, Sex and the City!). And that's not to say that it won't highlight some of the reasons we love living here (equality, beautiful views, and delicious burritos -- among others).

Hopefully the energy of San Francisco will come across to viewers, and that it doesn't just end up acting as a beautiful green screen to three tech guys who always mange to find the perfect parking spots for their BMWs.

Fingers crossed at that at least the buses don't arrive on time -- that is, if the characters even ride Muni.

We'll update you when we know more about the plot and the premiere date.

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aliasetc topcommenter

A fag movie will attract more deviates to the City much to the dismay of the ruling Chinese .


Doc's Clock, not Doc's Clocks. Does anyone even copy edit anymore?

Nicholas Lorenzo Marti
Nicholas Lorenzo Marti

Because none of us already know three gay guys in SF and listen to their real life drama?

Amy Jine
Amy Jine

Nope. They said it was the Real World. I heard about this show though too. They're looking for extras.

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