GameLink's New Blog: The Naked Truth

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Can you handle the truth? The whole truth? The naked truth?, an online pornographic website that specializes in putting out adult movies, sex toys, and live cams, is coming out with a new compendium to their website called GameLink's Naked Truth.

Naked Truth is a blog-styled news hub for the latest happenings in the industry complete with movie and toy reviews, exclusive features that dig deep into the nuances of adult entertainment, exclusive one-on-one interviews with the (porn) stars, and other goodies to get you excited.

Think of this as the equivalent to our very own the Exhibisionist blog, except that this one lives up our name, literally, and is the triple X version.

Okay, enough with the puns.

According to Brian Gross, a spokesman from BSG PR, it was important for GameLink to provide an outlet for a better and more informed community on the ins and outs of the burgeoning adult entertainment industry that is not covered in traditional news outlets.

"The only time that adult entertainment is covered in mainstream media is when there is breaking news and this doesn't provide a complete picture of the industry," Gross says. "It was important to the company to develop a place for professionals to get insider news but also for those that are enthusiasts and want to learn more."

When browsing this site, the layout is clean and polished like high-end, professional news site, not gritty and sticky like the images that are associated with pornography.

"Working in this field, you need to look professional in order to be taken seriously," Gross says. "There are a plethora of talent in the industry and we want people to be aware of the positive traits and information that our experts have to offer."

The website features the following categories to stimulate the human intellect:

• Features (Porn Previews, interviews, etc.)

• Best of Game Link (An Endless Land of Lists)

• Reviews (With so many options, we need help selecting adult toys and films)

• Adult Insider (From Jeff Dillionaire to Shane White: Professional Scumbag)

• Fun & Games (Porn can be interactive! Games include Roscoe: Porn Hound)

• Store (Everything is always well stocked, if you know what I mean)

• Press Section (Thank you for taking us into consideration)

You may feel a bit dirty and naughty after spending hours on end becoming a porn news junkie; but hey, look at this way -- if you get caught browsing Naked Truth, you can rightly say that you are becoming cultured and doing research.

Besides, we all know that the internet is for porn, as the musical pointed out:

So don't be afraid to grab your disco stick and double click.

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