Funny or Die's "I Hate California: San Francisco" (Video)

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For those who have the privilege of calling the Golden State home, we're used to the rest of the country hating on us. California is often ranked near the bottom of best states -- or sometimes, at the very bottom. Go ahead and rank California #50 in favorite states, but we doubt anyone would turn down a visit to wine country for wherever-you-go-to-vacation in Alabama.

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Poking fun at those who hate on California, Funny or Die is traveling across state in a five part video series, hating on everything that people typically do, but of course it's hilarious. They make a stop in San Francisco, and as the video pans across Dolores Park, the California hater asks "Is this Google's cafeteria?"

Check out "I Hate California: San Francisco," but be forewarned, it's full of swearing, so it's best not watch it at your work desk with the sound cranked up:

For more of I Hate California, check out the Funny or Die site.

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Mario Gallardo
Mario Gallardo

sounds like an Ex-girlfriend haunting me! still hilarious :)


I have a love-hate relationship with SF. But this video appealed to the love portion. 

Gabriela Perez
Gabriela Perez

This is soo dumb. Shes annoying. Biggest waste of my time, i actually thought it would be funny. As a "Bay-Arean" i wouldnt mind laughing at ourselves because we are pretty weird BUT THIS, stupid stupid stupiiiidddd.

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